Sunday, January 29, 2017

Still studying "Breitbart" magazine. It isn't the "Southern Partisan" but it is something.

I have been exhaustively studying Breitbart's treatment of various topics. I have the articles printed out, hand dated, and filed and organized. Besides issues relating to the Confederate flag, monuments, and the Confederacy, I have printed out their articles relating to American slavery, Lincoln, 14th Amendment, 13th Amendment, etc.

I am using a browser that prints the date, URL, etc. I hand write the date so I can better organize them.

Breitbart isn't the Southern Partisan, but is in many ways supportive of the Confederacy.

On other topics they align with neo-Confederate objectives, but there aren't neo-Confederate arguments given. So I can't say this is a neo-Confederate agenda.

I also note the neo-Confederate authors they have published.

I am planning on reviewing these articles and do a report. I will report on some narrow aspects of Breitbart while doing my research.

The reason I do hard copy printouts is that I want incontestable documentation. Web pages disappear. Online news sites generally aren't tracked by

The question might be why am I studying Breitbart instead of other right wing publications. The reason is that its former chief, Stephen Bannon, is in President Trump's administration. Breitbart also seems to be the press agency of the White House.

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