Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thad Cochran's Interview with "Southern Partisan" at Buzzfeed. I am the source for the information

The Buzzfeed story on Thad Cochran's interview in Southern Partisan is at Buzzfeed.


I supplied the documentation. An excerpt from the article.

Cochran also decried the Voting Rights Act in the magazine, saying aspects of it “ought to be discontinued.”
“No, I think that it is regrettable, and it ought to discontinued,” said Cochran to the magazine. “When we last had the Voting Rights act before the Senate, I offered an amendment to apply the law to all states not just to those of the old Confederacy.”
Cochran explained that his amendment was intended “to show everybody what a great deal of trouble” the law’s ‘preclearance’ requirements were.
At the time, the law required “every political subdivision, local community, township, county and state government, to go to Washington and get the federal government’s permission before any change in a boundary could be made, or any election law could be changed to be certified in effect, that it did not unfairly or improperly disadvantage anyone in their efforts for full political participation.”
“That’s not necessary any longer,” said Cochran.
I have been giving interviews and transmitting information to reporters. Barely can keep up.

Look for some new stories in the coming days. The whole "Heritage Not Hate" slogan is about to be shown for what it is, bogus.

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