Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rhodesia and the Neo-Confederates and Dylann Roof

Dylann Roof's identification with both the Confederacy and African white supremacist regimes like Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa isn't unique to himself. This isn't an outlier.

One set of examples are these web pages at the League of the South.

You might say that the League of the South is just a small part of the neo-Confederate movement and you would be right. I will be doing more blogging on the extent of the neo-Confederate support for white supremacist regimes in African.

Also, the heated and inflammatory rhetoric of the neo-Confederate movement which encourages violence even though the individuals who talk it up might not themselves engage in it.

At their 2013 League of the South Conference they had planned on an Afrikaner speaker to tell the "truth" about Zimbabwe and South Africa, but the speaker backed out and they go someone else to give them a presentation.

This is a sample to show that the neo-Confederates have an interest in the former white supremacist regimes in Africa.

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