Wednesday, June 10, 2015

American Civil War Museum & the Museum of the Confederacy is Richmond is scheduled to host the Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Museum of the Confederacy (MOC) is hosting the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)  Wednesday, July 15, 2015 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm as part of the SCV's 2015 Reunion in Richmond, Virginia.

They are doing this even though it is fairly well known, that the SCV is, as can be concluded by any reasonable person, as racist and extremist group.

You can read one dossier on the SCV at:

This is nothing new, the Museum of the Confederacy might be better called the Museum for the Confederacy or perhaps the Museum for Merchandising the Confederacy. I had a 4-part series at Black Commentator about this. You can go to this free guest link and read the series from there.

You can read about the upcoming reception of the SCV by the MOC here.

Many people when you bring up the MOC's activities, including activities enabling neo-Confederates start babbling about the "Before Freedom Came" exhibit. But the exhibit was tokenism, at the same time there were having extremist neo-Confederate lectures given by a person who they granted a MOC Fellowship. The cover of the book "Before Freedom Came" uses a sculpture done by an African American Union soldier of a freed African American woman. In short the cover was a fraud.

However, this time it is different, the American Civil War Museum bears responsibility for this. If they go through with this, it just shows their Freedom exhibits are a nothing but tokenism so they can continue their marketing of the Civil War as they have always done.

It will also show that there is no academic, moral or intellectual integrity to the American Civil War Museum and that their guiding principle is maximum merchandising to the maximum number of audiences even if it means enabling neo-Confederates.

I fully intend to write all the officers of the American Civil War Museum to not host the SCV.

I am also organizing a protest of the MOC that night. More information later.

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