Friday, June 19, 2015

An attack on a Synagogue next? Literature the Sons of Confederate Veterans sells.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been praising and selling "The South Under Siege" by Frank Conner for some time.

The following is an ad in the May/June 2015 issue of Confederate Veteran.

The text praises the book. The ad says:

This important new book by SCV member Frank Conner examines the true relations between the North and South from 1830 to June 2000. It identifies the real history of each region, and the lies and distortion by which the Northern liberals have created totally false stereotypes of both the Northern liberal and the traditional white Southerner. It tells what the North has done to the South, and why the North claims to have done it, why the North really did it, and what the consequences have been. An excellent defense against the official history currently taught in the government schools. 

What does Frank Conner think is the real history?

Conner’s book argues that the 20th century Civil Rights movement was a Jewish conspiracy carried out against the South and that the idea of racial equality was itself a part of a Jewish conspiracy.

On page 392 in his book Connor states:

Until after the turn of the 20th century, anthropologists had routinely recorded genetic as well as cultural differences between races and ethnic groups – that being the whole point of anthropology. The highlighted differences among the races hand included those of intelligence. But as Kevin MacDonald points out in The Culture of Critique, a German-Jewish-immigrant named Franz Boas changed all that. At Columbia, Boas arbitrarily claimed that biological differences between races were miniscule – that environment alone shaped the behavior of the different races and ethnic groups (a la Rousseau). A number of other Jewish anthropologists swiftly adopted Boas’ position; and soon the Jews dominated the field of cultural anthropology. As MacDonald points out, by 1915 the Jews had gained control of the American Anthropological Association; and by 1926 they were chairing the anthropology departments at all of the major universities.
One page 396 Conner explains:

— Jews will excel in society and the economy if allowed to compete fully. The only way the Gentiles can maintain superiority is by discriminating against the Jews; and so, discrimination against Jews is a common tactic in most countries — including the U.S.

On page 397 Conner explains:

— Second, under the concept of pluralism, the Jews can select whichever “victim” group is demonstrably being discriminated against the most (i.e. the Blacks) and run a full-blown civil-rights campaign to guilt-trip the white Gentiles into ending discrimination against that group. This approach offers two powerful advantages: first, if there is a blacklash of violence against the civil-rights campaign, it will erupt all over the blacks, not the Jews. Second (as is hinted delicately but consistently by a number of Jewish authors), the Jews as a group are quite a bit smarter than the blacks – or any of the other candidate “victim” groups; accordingly, the Jews themselves will be poised to take full advantage of each new anti-discrimination law or ruling or social taboo ostensibly created to benefit the blacks, while the blacks are still fumbling around; and the Gentiles won’t even notice what’s happening.

On page 398 in the book Conner titles a paragraph as follows:

Northern Jews Wage All-Out Ideological Warfare Against the White South. [Underline in the original.]

The chapter is just filled with material like that quoted with the following on page 406, last page of the chapter:

Look well at the Northern Jewish intellectuals/activists, O South, for they – who by rights should have been your closest friends – are by their own choice your dedicated and deadliest enemy.

With this type of language I can well imagine a person deciding to take a gun and go to a synagogue.

The SCV has not just been selling this book in their latest issue of Confederate Veteran.  They have been selling this book for some time now.

This is why I sent the following letter to the Museum of the Confederacy asking them to not hold a reception for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and why if they do we are going to protest.


Planned Protest at the Museum of the Confederacy. :

By the way, the book "Southern By the Grace of God" is a book which praises the Ku Klux Klan and hold up as a positive civic action a lynching in Ada, Oklahoma, and recommends the movie Birth of a Nation.

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