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The following isn't by Dylann Roof, they are excerpts from the "Confederate Veteran," publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans


These are two of speakers at the 2015 Sons of Confederate Veterans Reunion in Richmond, Virgina and are headlined at this web page. They are speakers at the "Heritage" Luncheon. 

Read the following and you will see what type of "heritage" they might be talking about. This is their web page.

The cover article for May/June 2012 Confederate Veteran is “Lincoln, Federal Supremacy, and the Death of States’ Rights,” pages 16-22, 60-62, by James Ronald Kennedy, with a website  Kennedy is one of the headline speakers at the 2015 Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) National Reunion in Richmond, Virginia.
Some selections from the article:

In an absolute monarchy or dictatorship such decision-making authority resides in the person of the king or dictator. In a mass democracy such as we have in contemporary America, sovereignty resides within the supreme Federal government. The Federal government is ultimately supreme – its will must be obeyed. “We the people” of the once-sovereign states now approach our masters in Washington, DC, as subjects, not citizens. We, like the subjects of a king or dictator, approach our government as supplicants, with outstretched hands pleading, “Please, may we have just a little more freedom or keep just a little more of our income?” [Italics in the original.] [pp. 22]

Few Anti-Federalists were able to envision the oppressive horror a centralized supreme Federal government would eventually compel Americans to endure. [pp. 22]

In this dark hour of American political history it is possible to see the potential for the 
reemergence of the ancient American political principle of real States’ Rights. [pp. 23]

James Ronald Kennedy recommends a passage of a constitutional amendment to solve what he sees is a problem. It is an amendment which would effectively dissolve national government in any state on the whim of that state. He doesn’t advocate violence. However, when you characterize the American government as an “oppressive horror” others might take other actions to what they perceive as a “horror.”
In the Sept./Oct. 2014 issue of Confederate Veteran, pp. 16-22, 24,56-62,64-65, is an article, “Our Re-United Country?: The Sad Reality of Reconciliation,” by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy, both headline speakers at the 2015 SCV National Reunion in Richmond.
The article is all about how the South is abused. The American government is a tyranny and Reconstruction isn’t an attempt to establish a multiracial democracy, but an oppression of the South, and the Kennedy’s specifically condemn scholars who think Reconstruction was a good thing.

We live in an era in which real states’ rights does not exist; we live in an era in which “we the people” of a free republic the once-sovereign states are no longer citizens of a free republic but are mere subjects to an all-powerful and supreme federal government.  [pp. 17]
After all, were they not at the mercy of a cruel and triumphant invader? After the War and during the active phase of Reconstruction, the South had no means of resistance to Federal tyranny. [pp. 17]

Rejecting that idea that secession was done to preserve slavery the Kennedys write:

“… the War was fought for Southern independence and to prevent the enslavement of all Southerners to an aggressive and evil Federal Empire – an empire which was determined to make political, economic, and social slaves of all Southerners, regardless of skin color. [pp. 21]

Notice that it is an “evil” Federal Empire and the capitalization of Empire.

On page 18 the Kennedys quote both Robert E. Lee and Alexander H. Stephens (VP of the Confederacy) warning that the loss of states’ rights would result in a despotism this enlisting both Confederate leaders and heroes to the members of the SCV in their claim that America is a despotism.

There are sections titled “Political Subjugation – the Price of Reconciliation,” “Economic Subjugation – the Price of Reconciliation,” and “Social Subjugation – the Price of Reconciliation,” and “Cultural Distortion – the Price of Reconciliation.”

Many people in the South do not believe the Confederacy was a good thing, support civil rights and are proud to be Americans. They are denounced in a section “Of Quislings, Vichymen and Scalaways – Soldiers of Reconciliation.” The Kennedys state:

Thus the reconciliation movement has provided the Federal Empire with legions of Southern cooperationists to help it maintain its rule – a rule of centralized Federal tyranny worst than the one that America’s Founding Fathers seceded from in 1776.” [pp. 60]

The Kennedys solution is their constitutional amendment they had printed in the May/June 2012 issue.

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