Friday, July 19, 2013

Jack Hunter had earlier asked his former "City Paper" editor to delete his columns. Editor refused. He calls Jack Hunter common type of racist, one who doesn't realize he is one.

This story is here:

The editor says that he basically published Jack Hunter for amusement.

Haire says that while Hunter never said racial slurs or joined a lynching, "it was my opinion then and it is my opinion now that Jack is the most common kind of racist, the one that doesn’t realize that he is one." Which raises an interesting question, as The Washington Examiner's Philip Klein notes: If Hunter was such a racist, why did Haire publish him? In a way, Haire supports Hunter's own defense—that he was only saying this stuff because it sells. "The role of a radio host is different from that of a political operative. In radio, sometimes you’re encouraged to be provocative and inflammatory," Hunter said in a blog postThat apparently worked for the City Paper, too. Keep that in mind when you read about how the South has changed.

Some time ago I had suggested in a blog that Jack Hunter was being published for amusement by the City Paper

This got Jack Hunter quite upset and he denounced me in a YouTube video, which has been deleted, but he refers to it in his blog.

It seems I was right all along as to why City Paper included Jack Hunter. 

There is also this story at the City Paper is by his former editor and about Jack Hunter pointing out that his claims of youthful indiscretions doesn't hold up.

Now U.S. Senator Rand Paul and Jack Hunter are trying to represent Jack Hunter's Southern Avenger days as the efforts of a "shock jock" professional, which would validate exactly what I claimed then it was. He was being published for amusement.

I think the truth is that Jack Hunter believes then and now the same things and did take himself seriously. The editor didn't take him seriously and published him as a freak show to sell papers. When I pointed this out Jack Hunter was quite upset and I was supposed to be the bad guy for even thinking that. However, it turns out I was right all along.

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