Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Neo-Confederate Ranter a Columnist for the "Charleston City Paper"

Surprisingly enough, the Charleston City Paper has a neo-Confederate columnist who titles his column "Southern Avenger." Though it is a column title that might remind you of a character in a comic book, and even perhaps a title of a comic book, the picture of the columnist doesn't show someone in tights and sporting a cap.

In this column "Southern Avenger" is ranting and making Stalin and Lincoln comparisons. Kosovo independence is setting him off.

http://southernavenger.ccpblogs.com/2008/02/18/sa-radio-lincoln-and-secession/ (click on this link for column).

Perhaps the Charleston City Paper has him as a columnist to amuse their readers. Perhaps Southern Avenger knows this. Southern Avenger recently has had a couple columns on professional wrestling as if it is a serious topic. Perhaps Southern Avenger is trying to be the professionally colorful southerner.



Or perhaps Southern Avenger isn't doing anything self-consciously, but the editors find it a classic stereotype southerner to add amusement to their paper. Who knows.

This isn't a good sign that Southern Avenger is published. He is mainstreaming neo-Confederacy. He might have a column because the editors are sympathetic to his view points.

The Dallas Observer used to have a guy like Southern Avenger called Joe Bob Briggs for the public's amusement. Then there is the whole Greater Tuna comedy that has proven to be popular, http://greatertuna.com/. Perhaps Southern Avenger is published by the Charleston City Paper for similar amusement.

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