Friday, July 26, 2013

Lincoln Memorial Vandalized: Investigation Underway UPDATE: Paint is on the statue Update: Security cameras did catch the person doing the vandalism and policy are seeking person of interest.Update 3: sympathetic to vandalism Update: 4 More clues as to what happened. Final Update

These are the online articles:

Someone overnight splattered green paint on the Lincoln Memorial. No symbols or writing is evident in the green paint.

One report says the paint is on the floor near the memorial, another says some paint is on the statue as well as the floor.

The Lincoln Memorial has been closed off to the public. Clean up is underway. Surveillance cameras videos are being reviewed to see who did this.

At this time it is unknown who did this and why. I will be doing updates as information comes in.

At this time it the person doing it might be some lone crazy who thinks Lincoln is from Mars  because he or she stopped taking their medicines. However, with Lincoln being compared to Hitler by the Sons of Confederate Veterans ( See suspicion is naturally directed to someone influenced by the neo-Confederates.

However, we have to wait, it could just be someone drunk and thinking this was "funny" or it might even be some leftist person. I would think a neo-Confederate would use red paint and not green paint. When people do vandalism to make a statement I would think everything would be very symbolic and the color would be very important.

So I am thinking that it is not likely a neo-Confederate, I don't see it as something they would do. I track the neo-Confederates, and it doesn't seem consistent with their behavior.  It might be someone in some other movement influenced by neo-Confederate thought but a member of some skinhead group or neo-Nazi group.

With the absence of facts a person can speculate, but at this point who and why is simply not known.


The statue was vandalized.

There is a video showing the vandalism. It happened sometime before 1:30 am last night. It was reported to police by some visitors to the Memorial.


The security camera's did catch whoever did this and the police are seeking a person of interest. The monument has been reopened.

The story doesn't say really how much they know about whoever did it.


Read these blog postings:

They are mocking those who are appalled by the vandalism and accusing Lincoln of genocide.


The paint was splattered using a Mountain Dew bottle according to a report in the Washington Post. The report is that there was both white and green paint involved. Also, a shoe print left in the white paint.

Hopefully there is some sort of evidence in the Mountain Dew bottles of DNA or finger prints.

A shoe print in white paint offers the opportunity to match up a shoe with white paint.

Final Update:

It seems it is as I originally thought was likely the case, a person with problems.

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