Friday, July 19, 2013

William Lee Miller, a great scholar at the Univ. of Virginia died.

I just learned that William Lee Miller died on May 27, 2012. His book, "Arguing About Slavery," was an inspiration to me and is one of my favorite books. I am sadden to learn of it.

The link to the New York Times obituary is:

Buy his book "Arguing About Slavery." It is a good read.

Professor Miller made the connection almost cinematically vivid in “Arguing About Slavery” when he recounted how Adams died in February 1848 after collapsing on the floor of the House: 
“It is altogether fitting and proper, for the purposes of the inner history and collective memory of the American people,” Professor Miller wrote, “that on the day that Adams fell there was seated, in a not very good seat in the back row of the House chamber, a Whig congressman from Illinois serving his first and only term.” 

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