Friday, July 12, 2013

"I was racist 15 minutes ago, but not now." The excuses of neo-Confederates

Jack Hunter is now alleging that he isn't the neo-Confederate of his Southern Avenger days. It is reported U.S. Senator Rand Paul is not going to terminate him.

Some articles on this are:

This is what neo-Confederates do when discovered, they explain that they are no longer the same person. When Southern Partisan was in the news about their attacks on Martin Luther King they said that was their early years but they had changed. What had changed is that Martin Luther King birthday legislation was no longer in the news so it wasn't something they would report on.

Everyone does change over time and there is no way to read minds and see what people believe. So it is a very good rebuttal for neo-Confederates when their neo-Confederate past is discovered, "I was racist 15 minutes ago, but not now."

As some neo-Confederates find careers they find their documented neo-Confederate pasts liabilities, so they discover that they have changed.

However, I would ask Jack Hunter about what changed his mind about his neo-Confederate beliefs. What changed his mind about Lincoln or the Confederacy? Probably the only thing you would find is that he found his beliefs career limiting.

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