Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Warren Throckmorton has an article about Institute on the Constitution course offering on the Constitution canceled by school board

The Institution on the Constitution (IOTC) founder Michael Peroutka is involved with the neo-Confederate movement and the League of the South. The IOTC was going to offer a course on the Constitution with a local school, but people found out what the real agenda was and it was cancelled.

It is reported here on the web page of Warren Throckmorton.

If you go to you can see all his posts on the topic.

Besides learning that the course was cancelled, there is something else that is good about this report. Conservative Christians are rejecting neo-Confederacy. I don't think it necessarily means they reject the Lost Cause, but it does mean that they are learning what the neo-Confederate ideology is and rejecting it and realizing that it is something that is attempting to find a place in their movement.

I think upon reflecting on neo-Confederacy a person is likely to in time reject the Lost Cause.

NOTE: People should always understand that my anti-neo-Confederate efforts are non-partisan regarding other issues. It is my goal to reach out to all segments of society to oppose neo-Confederacy on the basis of a common support for American democratic values as embodied in the American republic. Hence the name of my website site

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