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Vermont Republic or Kingdom, a book review of Marco Bassani.

Marco Bassani reviewed "Democracy: The God That Failed" in "Southern Partisan" for Vol. 23 No. 4, July/August 2004. The "Southern Partisan" is the neo-Confederate magazine that Jesse Helms, Trent Lott, Phil Gramm, Dick Armey and others interviewed in.

Donald Livingston interviewed in the "Southern Partisan," in the double issue, Vol. 20 4th Qtr. 2000/ Vol. 21 1st Qtr 2001. However, this blog post is about Bassani.

This is a link to the book review of Hermann-Hoppe's book, "Democracy, The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order," Transaction Publishers, 2001, at Rutgers University. (Yes, the Rutgers University in New Jersey.)

The book is an attack on democracy and argues that old style monarchy, not constitutional modern type monarchies, is superior to democracy.

Marco Bassani is quite taken by the book and one example is this quote on page 31-32:

"It is connection with this complex relationship between capitalism and the State that Hoppe makes his most outstanding contribution. His analysis is both theorectical and historical and underlines a point of extreme importance. The history of the State is not a narrative of progress from the beginning to the end it is actually a regressive history, just as monarcy was less inimical to property rights and the lives of the subjects than democracy. One could also argue that the political order of medieval pluralism was far superior to the monarchial absolutism that emerged at th end of the Middle Ages. Hoppe focuses on the transition from monarchy to democracy, and describes this as a process of decivilization; democratic republicanism has in fact been the triumph of a political culture more inclined than ever to collectivism, nationalism and mass slaughters. "

After the review goes on how bad democracy is, it then leads to how the solution or fix to get rid of what Hoppe sees as the evil of democracy is secession.

Bassani recommends that it be read along with Pat Buchanan's book, "Decline of the West," and concludes, "For conservatives and libertarians alike, it should not be too difficult to endorse both Buchanan's diagnosis and Hoppe's solutions."

I think with Bassani's writings, and Livingston's writings we see what the point of secession is.

Update: Bassani's article is in the special anti-Muslim issue of the Southern Partisan.

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