Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kirkpatrick Sales

When persons with Liberal or Left become reactionaries, they often want to talk about labels not being important or a third way. They really can't face that they have become reactionaries and that their anti-autoritarianism was never a particular ideology but was always a general non-specific crankiness. I give Sales the Eugene Genovese award for best emulating Genovese's decent into reactionary crackpotdom.

American Conservatives was founded and run by a lot of people from Southern Partisan magazine, the website and other Neo-Confederate venues. Patrick Buchanan is called a Confederate-American on the cover of Southern Partisan, 1st Quarter, 1996, which is a fairly accurate label, the particular issue had an exclusive on a speak Buchanan gave. He was a regular contributor to Southern Partisan.

This is Kirkpatrick Sales' essay in American Conservative.

What you have making up the core of the Second Vermont Republic movement is reactionaries and miscellaneous others who are cranky over the future.

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