Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Donald Livingston Reader

For those who might be interested where Livingston is coming from might read these articles in Chronicles magazine of the Rockford Institute. I am sure some university in New England has a complete set.

April 1999 page 16 (Talks about the need for involuntary subordination for maintaining culture.) "Decentralists or D.C. Centralists?: The Tyranny of Liberalism"

Jan. 2000 page 14

June 2001 page 24

Nov. 2001 page 17

July 2002 page 23

May 2003 page 14

July 2003 page 14

Aug. 2005 page 14

Jan. 2007 page 14

Sorry I am not providing more information. It is late, my day has been long and I will get back to this material tomorrow.

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