Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Neo-Confederate runs for President in Republican Party Primaries

The website for the campaign is:

Walter Donald Kennedy is one of the Kennedy brothers, authors of a series of Neo-Confederate books that are widely read. One of them "The South Was Right!" is one of the founding books of the modern Neo-Confederate movement. As authors they have this website:

The Kennedy brothers oppose the Voting Rights act from the beginning. When they were young, they "Rolled With Ross" in opposition to Civil Rights.

Walter D. Kennedy is also the author of the apologetic for slavery, "Myths of American Slavery."

How far can he go in the Republican party primaries. I don't know. However, I think it could create problems for the Republicans if he makes some head way. The religious right faction of the Republican party is fairly disgruntled. It seems the Republican front runners don't want to pander to the religious right. So there is discontent that Kennedy can tap into. He could get protest votes.

If he is able to draw some appreciable percentage, it might result in other primary candidates shifting along a Neo-Confederate vector to win, and then having the problem of living down their stances in other primaries and the general election.

Remember, George W. Bush won the South Carolina primary in 2000 through the Confederate flag issue and a website and campaign run by Richard T. Hines, former Associate Editor of Southern Partisan. The Neo-Confederates now run the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and have a real base of operations. They are waiting for the South Carolina primaries to sort out who will be the next Republican presidential candidate, like they did in 2000.

Then again, maybe not much at all will happen. You can only discuss possibilities and the future will come with its answers.

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