Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bill Kaufman visits Carolyn Chute, another "Chronicles" connection

The article is titled, "Reactionary Radicals, Radical Reactionaries, The Militia of Love: A Visit With Novelist Carolyn Chute," by Bill Kaufman, Nov. 1999, pages 21-25.

In the article we learn that Chute has published a novel "Snow Man," a militia member who assassinates a Massachusetts U.S. Senator and targets another.

From the interview we learn that Chute goes into a rage over feminists. She is big on militias. Flys a militia flag. She wants to blow up public schools as a community activity.

"Her solution? "We need to blow up the schools and throw all the TV's into Boston Harbor. We do not want anybody in the schools when we blow them up. In fact, it would be rather nice is 80 percent of the population supported the effort. A great circle of people all holding hands will surround each brick fluorescent-lit school building. Songs of liberty will be sung. Flags will be waved. A cute 99-year-old retired schoolteacher will toss the first stick of dynamite.""

I think Carolyn Chute represents fully the mentality behind secessionists. A sort of raging crazed anti-authoritarianism which is cranky and upset about everything. The whole article is something.

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