Friday, March 02, 2007

The League of the South's "The Grey Book" a statement of their beliefs.

The League of the South has published "The Grey Book," a statement of their beliefs. It is still being sold by the League of the South as a statement of their beliefs, you can order it from the League of the South at this URL:

These two essays concisely in one or two sentences express the breath of their reactionary sentiments. This is a book the LOS published to express their official positions and views and policies. It is not some stray essay in their periodicals or publications.

In it you see their hostility to women's rights, the Left, gays, democracy, etc.
From page 95, "The Treason of the Elite," pages 94-97, "The Grey Book," Traveller Press, Michael Hill editor, College Station, Texas, 2004.

"The treason of the Left involves such unconstitutional and immoral enormities of globalism -- the selling-out of American national sovereignty to international agencies and interests; radical egalitarianism' feminism; sodomite rights; abortion; Third World immigration; gun control; hate crime legislation (always meant to be used against whites); judicial tyranny; burdensome taxation; multiculturalism and diversity (code words for anti-white, anti-Christian bigotry); the universal rights of man; and other manifestations of a new brand of politically correct totalitarianism."

From page 102, "Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment," pages 98-102, "The Grey Book," Traveller Press, Michael Hill editor, College Station, Texas, 2004.

This is the concluding sentence of the essay.

"Revolutionary interpretation of the amendment have turned Lincoln's egalitarianism into rights-based social policies. The evil genie of universal 'human rights,' has been let out of its bottle and will never be put back in; 'rights' for women, racial and ethnic minorities, homosexuals, pedophiles, etc. are being manufactured in a never-ending, and never to-be-ended, series."

It isn't just about race. It is about a hostility to democratic freedom itself.

This is the George Wallace stuff that the League of the South sells at their store.

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