Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Latino Victory Fund ad attacks Republican Party pandering to neo-Confederates

The Latino Victory Fund has an ad against Ed Gillespie, Republican candidate for Virginia governor.

Ed Gillespie has made campaigning for Confederate monuments a major theme in his current campaign for Virginia governor and his prior campaign for the U.S. Senate.

These are links to the add on different platforms.

This is the Facebook page ad. This will work well to share on Facebook.


This is a Twitter link


This is the You Tube link.



Of course the conservative movement is screaming about this video.

However, going way back into the 1980s Republican Party members have been pandering to the neo-Confederate movement.  U.S. Senators Trent Lott, John Ashcroft, Thad Cochrane, Jesse Helms interviewed in the Southern Partisan.

Trent Lott stated in the Southern Partisan that the Republican Party was the party of Jefferson Davis's descendants.

Then Texas U.S. House Representative Phil Gramm interviewed in the Southern Partisan and also explained that the Republican Party  is the party for those who used to vote Democrat before the Civil Rights Era. Texas U.S House Representative Dick Army also interviewed in the Southern Partisan.

Trent Lott and many many Republicans were involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Now Donald Trump and his administration is opposed to removing Confederate statues.

However, the facts here don't seem to be an obstacle for the conservative movement to squeal like stuck pigs over the revelation, somewhat allegorically, what the reality is.

Breitbart, which has pandered to white resentment and pro-Confederates hypocritically runs the headline, "Shameless: Latino Victory Fund Ad Features Ed Gillespie Supporters Chasing Minority Children."


Fox News has reported it.


Daily Caller is not happy either.


This is somewhat hypocritical also. J. Arthur Bloom Opinion Editor of the Daily Caller"

I blogged on him since he went on a tear about my campaign against churches hosting neo-Confederate events.  These are two blogs on it.

This was his comment on his website.

Church-bullying piece of shit Ed Sebesta is naturally thrilled with the campaign. (He tattletaled to the Episcopal Church’s presiding bishop recently about southern parishes allowing the Sons of Confederate Veterans to use church space, and considering the apostate bishop Jefferts-Schori’s heavyhanded and litigious tendencies, it wouldn’t be beneath her to intervene.)



The National Review isn't happy either.

The National Review might re-read its own magazine from the 1950s and 1960s and some of the really ghastly stuff they wrote. I will have to count up some day how many editors of the National Review ended up writing for the Southern Partisan.


Infowars has cover it. George Soros is supposedly involved.


Rush Limbaugh calls the ad disgusting.


Washington Times runs this article.


They use to run a column by Samuel Francis. Their former editor interviewed in the Southern Partisan. They are fairly consistent supporter of the Confederacy.

Newsmax also.


This brings up an interesting question. It seems that the radical right wants their supporters to be aware of this ad.  They are giving it a lot more publicity than it might otherwise get. I suppose that it could be said that they are reporting the news and I think that is true also.

Gillespie is running ads trying to associate his opponent with Latino gangs.

The mainstream media is also reporting this ad, excepting the New York Times which is to be expected. Probably the New York Times is talking to "Mudcat" Sanders.

The Washington Post ran an article on it with the video advertisement.


The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported on the ad.


I wonder if Richmond mayor Levar Stoney is regretting his choice to shill for Confederate monuments earlier in the year.

The discussion post-New Orleans, post-Charlottesville, and now with Ed Gillespie running for Virginia Governor it is becoming really clear who Levar Stoney is.

Politico mentions the ad in an article but doesn't have a link to it. The primary topic is U.S. Senator Rubio from Florida campaigning for Gillespie.


CNN mentions the ad and has a link to the Washington Post article with the ad.


ABC news has it.


However, I am not finding it at other news sites.

The Virginia Flaggers are reporting it.


Various Sons of Confederate groups shared it.



Clearly the Republican Party is continuing to become more and more the party of the Confederacy as former Republican Mississippi U.S. Senator Trent Lott said it was.

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