Thursday, November 02, 2017

2 + 2 = ? The arithmetic of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

The Texas Nationalist movement, which I think has at least more than 10 members, has a web page with the headline, "HUGE!! 68% of U.S. Voters Open to Secession in Zogby Poll!"

Must be a sale on exclamation marks at Walmart.

There is a link to this poll.

The poll actually is about whether the Federal government should compel a seceding state to remain in the United States, but not whether the respondent supports secession.

Over Labor Day Weekend, a nationwide poll of 800 likely voters, conducted by John Zogby Strategies asked, among other questions, which view is closer to their own on the topic of secession; Statement A: If a majority of residents within a given state prefer to have the final say over their destiny without the control of Washington D.C. then let them have it – it is their right. Statement B: If residents within a given state were to take such a drastic measure and secede from the United States, the federal government would be justified in sending in the military to prevent secession from taking place.
There is a difference in the question of whether I would like a piece of chocolate cake versus whether I think people should be compelled to eat chocolate cake.

So in terms of whether the military should be called out, 32% agree. As to those who would just let the state go, 39% agree, and 29% are unsure. So in reality 39% of the voters support a state deciding to secede to not be compelled to remain in the United States. The polls doesn't ask if a person believes their state should secede.

So there isn't a ground swell for secession, there are people who don't believe a state should be compelled to remain.

You need to always be very careful in reading postings by the Texas Nationalist movement.

The question needs to be asked if a majority of a state wanted to secede but majorities in sections or regions didn't want to secede should these regions and sections be compelled to secede.

The think about secession is once adopted it has no logical stop. The logical conclusion is that the people on the 3400 block of East Swampy Avenue don't want people outside 3400 block of East Swampy Avenue  to tell them what to do, and the odd numbered houses are getting a little fed up with the even numbered houses on the block.

This might be very amusing but in the 2016 Texas Republican Party convention in Dallas, Texas the platform committee only voted down a secession plank by 16 to 14 with one abstaining. For a party that claims that it is patriotic you would think it would be 31 to 0.

Incidentally the Facebook against Texas secession is at this link.

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