Sunday, October 29, 2017

"When Rich Places Want to Secede" from "The Atlantic Magazine"

This article in The Atlantic touches upon the motivations behind secession in some movements.

Turns out that some nations want to become gated communities. The nationalism is a nationalism to preserve privilege.

This is the article in The Atlantic.

The motivation behind these national movements isn't that different than these school district secession movements in the United States.

There have some people who call themselves left or liberal and who support secession movements. They are really reactionary idiots.

I haven't had time to write about secession lately because I am trying to get the city of Dallas to do the right thing in relation to getting rid of Confederate monuments which is proving to be difficult.

I need to build up a grassroots.

In the mean time it would be good for the liberal/left to realize that secession is reactionary.

These secession movements are really just gated communities. They rely on a framework of the European Union to exist so they don't face national boundaries. They just want to ditch the poorer parts of the nation. These movements would just fall apart if it was real clear that they would be outside the European Union if they seceded. Brexit may provide a salutary lesson for all these would-be secession movements.

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