Monday, June 09, 2014

Wrote to Most Rev. Schori Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and Pope Francis about their churches hosting neo-Confederate groups.

I have been updating the Churches of the Confederacy web pages which you can access at

I added two pages. where I have the letter to Most Rev. Schori Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in America. I copied this letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the General Executive Council of the Episcopal Church which has something over 40 members and a couple other executive officers. where I have the letter to Pope Francis.

Other pages were updated.

I just sent them out in the last couple weeks so it is too early to expect to hear back.

It turns out that the Episcopal Church has had this big project about learning about its past involvement with slavery in the United States and a great many groups dealing with the issue of the historical past, race, and the Episcopal Church. Many statements about race are made. Yet despite all that the Episcopal Church is the leading church hosting neo-Confederate national convention services.

I don't think the general membership or most Episcopalians involved with the issues of racism in the Episcopal church are aware that their denomination is the leading denomination hosting neo-Confederate events.

I am going to write the United Methodist Church next.

Afterwards I am going to be writing all the religious groups that profess to be concerned about the issue of race in the three denominations.

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