Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Daily Caller" Jordan Bloom Opinion Editor's scatological and negative opinion of my Churches of the Confederacy campaign.

This is the blog posting by Jordan Bloom at the blog


He is not very happy with my campaign against churches hosting neo-Confederate groups.

He is evidently the Opinion Editor at Daily Caller (www.dailycaller.com) which as far as I can tell is a competitor with WorldNetDaily.com for the right wing hysterical fringe market. Well maybe not exactly the same degree of hysteria as World Net Daily.



What is interesting is that despite all the pretensions of intellect, being Opinion Editor, obscure blog name, etc., the person is just a foul mouth character that has no argument to be put forth and thus resorts to name calling.

Always swearing, cursing, profanity, obscenity, etc. is a failure of intellect, the failure to express your objection in real terms and it is just ranting. Also, it is ineffective in stinging anyone. It is just noise that people tune out. It really shows the mental incapacity of Bloom.

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