Friday, October 14, 2016

Video of the "Houston Chronicle" lampooning the Texas secessionists./ The Texas secessionist go abroad and meet with right wing groups. These groups should be considered enemies of the United States.

Go to the link and you can view the video and read the article.

This is the announcement at the The Texas Nationalist Movement webpage.

I am writing the book on Texas Secessionists. I think I will have a chapter on counter measures.

One counter measure I think I should mention here is that you should make sure your house is secure. I am not saying go crazy and buy a bunch of guns, but make sure your locks are good and you have solid doors. I think that if there is a civil disturbance you need to be secure in your home.

If you are living in Dallas, Texas it also helps keep you safe from burglars.

Also, also if you have spoken out against secession it would be good to have your home be a secure place.

This is a Facebook group where news  about Texas secessionists will be posted. Also, it if it ever comes to it, it will be a page to organize opposition to secession.

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