Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump and Southern Nationalism

This is an article at "Vox" an online publication which focuses on current affairs.

What the article points out is that Donald Trump supporters aren't the economically "wretched of the earth," and journalists don't really listen to what Trump supporters are saying because they have stereotypes of who white nationalists are. They expect to find white people who are poor, often wretchedly so, who are racists or white nationalists. However, white Trump supporters make more money than white Hillary Clinton supporters.

The article points out that Trump is the leader of white nationalism.

Also, the article dismisses various liberal/left ideas that the rise of white nationalism is due to the failing of the modern state to care for people. The article points out that nationalism is thriving in places with quite supportive welfare systems such as Belgian, France, Sweden, etc.

The article points out that it needs to be recognized that what is propelling Trump is white nationalism.

I am glad to see that people are beginning to recognize that not all white nationalists fit the popular stereotype and that various simplistic ideas about white nationalism and its causes are being rejected.

These developments might mean the end of Southern nationalism though. Trump support is national and an arising white nationalist movement is likely to be national. It is likely to be a movement with a lot more resources, influence and opportunities and be chosen by white nationalists, including white nationalists in the South, over nationalism that seeks as its objectives an independent Wyoming or Arkansas.

A national white nationalist movement will likely incorporate Confederate symbols and venerate the Confederacy. They won't, however, work to break up the United States of America, they will work to transform it into the Confederate States of America but not necessarily recognizing that their objectives are essentially in pursuit of neo-Confederate values.

So neo-Confederacy will continue, it might be a big part of a national white nationalist movement.

My paper on banal white nationalism.

I am working on the proofing copy of "Pernicious: The Neo-Confederate Campaign Against Social Justice in America," and hopefully this weekend I will have it corrected and available in hard copy. I will also update the Kindle copy.

Then back to working on the Texas secessionists movement for my next book.

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