Friday, October 07, 2016

Starting to write the book on Texas Secessionism

I am starting writing the book on Texas Secessionism.

The current working title is "Prelude to Texas Secessionism and Fighting for an American Texas."

It will start out by discussing the recent efforts of Texas secessionists, then go into the origin of Texas secessionism detailing Texas Republican Party and Texas conservatives' involvement in neo-Confederate ideas and accommodation of the Confederacy and also the right wing interpretations of Texas secession from Mexico.

I will review "Texas Republic" magazine, detail Texas conservative involvement in "Southern Partisan" magazine.

I am going to include some short essays against Texas secession, how to oppose Texas secession, and counter measures against Texas secession. If in the eventually the state of Texas does decide to secede, your town or county can also secede right back to the United States.

This will be somewhat straight forward to write, but I regret I won't be able to have it in time for the day of the election but will likely have it by the end of Thanksgiving week.

In a recent poll 3 out of 5 Trump supporters said they would support secession of Texas if Hillary Clinton was elected president. I think at this time it is very likely that Hillary Clinton will get elected President. So I think the Texas secession movement will really start gaining more traction then.

You can purchase the current version of the Kindle version of the book.  The hard copy version is coming in the mail and this week I am doing proofing.

I will be updating the Kindle version, but with this Kindle version you can learn about the neo-Confederate campaign against social justice in American.

Had maps professionally made for the book.

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