Friday, October 14, 2016

Crybabies in Oklahoma, Poll shows one in four Oklahoma voters would vote for secession if Hillary Clinton is elected.

It seems that pollsters have found a way to get the public interested in their polls and their firm's name in the press.  Simply ask voters about whether their state should secede. However, ask the question conditional on whether Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The polling firm SoonerPoll did a poll Sept. 13-15 of 515 likely Oklahoma voters the question if they would vote to leave the Union if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

The article reports that "two in five supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump" would support secession if Hillary Clinton was elected.

These published results have negative consequences. I think it is mostly people venting and they aren't really serious about secession, but it gets Trump supporters and others to think about whether they support secession if Hillary Clinton is elected, which it appears likely that she will. A thought that might be made in jest or just venting, is a thought that is less radical to consider later. This poll also lets people that might seriously consider secession realize that they aren't alone and for some individuals to conclude there are enough people for a movement, hence an organization, and activities.

This also will likely to get people in other states to consider secession.

However, this would be a movement of crybabies, people who wail and flail at the idea of Hillary Clinton being elected president.  It very well might just be a movement which has a web page and maybe some meetings where they can complain and whine and grip. It is not likely to be a movement that will really do much or have a thoughtful program that will inspire people.

It will be another thing that will tear down the Republican Party in Oklahoma since undoubtedly these secessionists will want to try to get the Republican Party in Oklahoma to support secession. Republicans will be trapped between not wanting to appear to be crazy, yet not wanting to have their base go after them.

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