Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updated Table of Churches that host neo-Confederate events

The updated table of churches that host neo-Confederate events besides national conventions is at:

Since I will be updating it often I thought I would give it its own web page.

The web page will have a link to it. 

I added in some additional churches that host the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). I think it is fairly complete. Email me if you locate a URL documenting a church that hosts the SCV. 

The yellow means I have yet to email them. I hope to do so soon. 

I do plan on identifying churches that host the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC)for other events besides national conventions and extend the table to include them. 

I am thinking of writing all these churches in the coming year asking them not to host neo-Confederate groups. My current expectation based on the responses I am getting is that they won't drop the SCV, but the word will get around that if you host a neo-Confederate group it might come before the public and with reflection most churches will realize there is no good excuse for it. So the strategy will be not to get in the situation of having hosted a neo-Confederate group in the first place.

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