Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Email to Christian Action Council about hosting the Sons of Confederate Veterans

This is the link to the South Carolina Christian Action Council

Since I have already sent certified letters to the denominations which have a past history of hosting the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), I am now writing interdenominational groups to reach out and alert more churches to the issue.

I think once the word is out there, a lot of churches won't be interested in hosting because they don't want to be involved in a controversy.

The following email was sent to Rev. Brenda L. Kneece Executive Minister of the Christian Action Council.

Dear Rev. Kneece:

I am an investigative researcher regarding the neo-Confederate movement. I am published by university presses and peer reviewed academic journals. My resume is online at

In 2013 I had an article published in “Black Commentator” about the extremism and racism of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). The free quest link is:

In 2013 I started focusing on how mainstream organizations enable neo-Confederates. For example I got corporations to drop the SCV this summer. The article is online at:

The next SCV Reunion is in Charleston in July 2014. I am writing denominations with a history of hosting the SCV to ask them not to stop hosting the SCV. The campaign is documented at:

I would like the Christian Action Council to ask member churches to consider whether they should host the SCV for their upcoming national reunion in Charleston.  I think if one Christian group would raise the issue the entire community of faith in Charleston would have to consider their relation to neo-Confederate groups and whether they  should be enabling them.


Edward H. Sebesta

Co-editor of “Neo-Confederacy: A Critical Introduction,” Univ. of Texas Press, 2008 (, and “The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader: The ‘Great Truth’ About the ‘Lost Cause’” Univ. Press of Mississippi 2010. (  Author of chapter about the Civil War and Reconstruction in the notorious Texas teaching standards in Politics and the History Curriculum: The Struggle over Standards in Texas and the Nation, published by Palgrave Macmillan.

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