Friday, January 17, 2014

First United Methodist Church of Decatur hosts regularly Sons of Confederate Veteran meetings

What is ironic is that the Sons of Confederate Veterans meet in the Wesley Center at the First United Methodist Church of Decatur, Texas.

John Wesley an early Methodist leader was also against slavery.

From this website about John Wesley's abolitionism:
The focus that Wesley needed came when Granville Sharp contested the case of a runaway slave (James Somerset) in the courts. Wesley was moved to study a text by the Philadelphia Quaker, Anthony Benezet. Wesley's journal shows that Benezet's work, and Lord Mansfield's deliberations in the case of Somerset, caused him much disquiet.

Two years later, in 1774, he wrote a tract called "Thoughts on Slavery" that went into four editions in two years. In it, he attacked the Slave Trade and the slave-trader with considerable passion and proposed a boycott of slave-produced sugar and rum.
Yet this church hosts monthly the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV). Allowing the SCV to meet at their church in a center named after Wesley makes a mockery of Wesley and also makes a person wonder if the First United Methodist Church of Decatur really has any understanding of the life of John Wesley.

This meeting is listed on the church calendar and it is no secret to the parishioners. Are they insensible to reflective thought?

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