Thursday, January 02, 2014

Kirkpatrick Sales is a neo-Confederate reactionary

Back in the 1960s and 70s I would come across elements in the counter culture movement which seemed to me reactionary or obscurantist. One example was the belief in astrology which irrational. There was a general uncritical reaction against all science and technology. This irrationality continues even today against vaccines. Some elements in the counter culture tended to apply stereotypes to people and things, in particular gender roles.

So it isn't surprising to me that Kirkpatrick Sale who came out of the 50s-60s counterculture has become a secessionist and reactionary who denounces the Emancipation Proclamation and has joined up with the neo-Confederates. 

This is his essay about breaking up the United States. 

For those who think living in a small nation is wonderful, have Ruritanian fantasies, they should consider the history of Central America after the United Provinces of Central America broke up. 

Kirkpatrick Sales attends the Sons of Confederate Veterans' Stephen D. Lee Institute conferences, writes for, an associate scholar of the Abbeville Institute. Racism doesn't seem to be a problem for Sales. 

I don't see Sales as having gone from left to right in his politics. His politics are likely to have always been a reflexive anti-establishmentarianism from the beginning with romantic fantasies of some type of pre-modern life. 

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