Saturday, January 25, 2014

American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars host Sons of Confederate Veterans meetings

I have just finished getting all the information on where Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) camps meet.

Some general observations.

There are not likely any SCV camps meeting at a vegetarian restaurant. I haven't found a restaurant name that indicated that it was vegetarian. However, barbecue restaurants are very popular with the SCV.

I haven't come across Chinese, Indian or Japanese restaurants as a meeting place. I might have overlooked one, but I haven't seen a meeting scheduled for these type restaurants. However, Mexican restaurants are sometimes selected for monthly meetings.

I have found some more churches that I had not found before that host SCV meetings.

What is interesting is that there are American Legion posts and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts that host SCV meetings. Is that patriotic. The Confederate soldier shot American soldiers.

Also, being that the Confederacy was a nation created for slavery and white supremacy and given that America is a multiracial democracy how patriotic is it to lend your facilities to the SCV?

Given the SCV agenda which laments that the Confederate army wasn't able to break up America and which condemns Lincoln how patriotic is it to host SCV camps?

I will have to write them and raise this issue.

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