Thursday, November 09, 2017

Kevin Levin really upset with Henry Louis Gates

Henry Louis Gates is a fool and Kevin Levin is right to go after him with tongs.

These are two recent blogs by Kevin Levin. 

However, I raised the issue about Henry Louis Gates in 2011 and was denounced by Kevin Levin.

I attributed this attack to Kevin Levin's reflexive establishmentarianism. That is, if they are people in positions in the historical establishment they are to be accepted and not criticized. 

It should be remembered that Gates had a beer with a police officer who abused him. 

Gates isn't the first Harvard African American with a friendly attitude towards the Confederacy. Rev. Peter J. Gomes also was friendly towards the Confederacy and tried to get Confederate soldiers inscribed at the Harvard Memorial Church sometime ago. It was going to be done during the summer but I wrote  a great many African Americans there and in the end it was thwarted. After that the African American students were wised up to the effort, which was seen as a sneak effort during the summer, there was no chance for it to happen, but that doesn't mean there wasn't an effort. 

By the way, PBS televised Ken Burns Civil War series, so they will broadcast any sort of rubbish.

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