Friday, November 03, 2017

Protest at Lee Parkway, Dallas, Texas, Saturday, Nov. 4th 2-5pm across from the Mayfair

We have a protest planned at Lee Parkway, Dallas, Texas, Saturday, Nov. 4th 2-5pm.

We will be across from the Mayfair condominiums.

This is the launch of our grass roots campaign to de-Confederate Dallas.

We have made up signs and have people signed up to go.

I have had a TV reporter interview me about our planned protest so I think there will be broadcast coverage.

Six residents of the Mayfair complained about Lee Parkway, named after Robert E. Lee being changed because it was too much of a bother, including the president of the Home Owners Association.

This is the link to the video at You Tube of the six Mayfair residents complaining before the Mayor of Dallas and Dallas city council when they were receiving public input. The video was originally three segments since the Mayfair residents didn't do their whining one after the other.

The link to the video is:

Click on the video to see the entire video. SET VOLUME TO MAXIMUM.

Notice the rhinestones for the "i"s.

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