Sunday, September 17, 2017

This is Texas Freedom Force was more like This is Tiny Freedom Force

The This is Texas Freedom Force had a rally Sunday, 9/16/2017 yesterday. I went to do some photo documentation. There wasn't a large attendance. Dallas Morning News estimated 100 people, WFAA estimated 200. I estimated 150, but I am not really trained.

The rally was fairly peaceful except one counter-protester started a fight and was arrested. The speeches were particularly clueless.

A demonstration is conducted to demonstrate the support for your cause and to communicate to your supporters and the public some issues.

This demonstration demonstrated that This is Texas Freedom Force could only rally a small group of angry alienated individuals. The persons parading around in camouflage fatigues with large guns provided some interesting visuals. Every rally the This is Texas Freedom Force does supports our cause. People are really alienated by these rallies and the general public which doesn't do a close study of the issues or the debate or hear the rationalizations of preservation societies largely gets its impressions from these rallies what the Confederate issue is about.

Strategically you might think that I shouldn't mention that these Texas militia groups are greatly aiding our cause, but they are so angry and committed to militia cosplay that they can't see this or accept this. If they did they would have to confront the issue that they are some type of theatrical farce and have been all along.

The following picture shows that there wasn't a very large crowd.

This is Texas Freedom Force talked about bringing "hell" to Dallas and other bluster.
This posting talks about raising hell. Shows a caricature of Rawlings running from a bull.

They claimed that Dallas Mayor Rawlings would suffer consequences. What they demonstrated was that they were no political force at all of consequence to anyone.

Was was amusing was that a lot of people on Facebook did postings of support. One TITFF Facebook posting had 1.1K comments. If they had had 500 people show up they might have real impact, but instead it shows that a lot of the opposition to Confederate monument removal is by whiny-grippers who aren't really going to do anything.

As might be expected someone flew the Trump flag. An added bonus to alienate an urban public. Click on photo to see entire picture.

It is our hope that This Is Texas Freedom Force continues to have demonstrations like this.

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