Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Southern Baptist Convention President joins 170 Memphis clergy asking asking to remove Confederate statue.

This is revolutionary.

This is the article online at Baptist News Global.


Steve Gaines, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) joined in with 170 local clergy in asking that a Confederate monument, Confederate General Nathan B. Forrest to be removed from its present location. About 100 leaders of other congregations and religious institutions were also signers.

The letter is here.


The Southern Baptist Conference has steadily marched away from the Lost Cause interpretation of history. They have done very well, whereas the liberal mainstream denominations have been poor on this. The Episcopal Church has moved fairly well away from the Lost Cause also, but there have been no pronouncements from their national leadership.

The SBC is sending a very important message to other evangelical groups.

In 2016 the SBC adopted a resolution on the Confederate Battle Flag.


In the early 1990s they had an apology for slavery.

This is an earlier blog on the topic and the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) denunciation of them.


The center of the Christian faith is moving to out of the Western world. The SBC realizes this.

The mainstream liberal denominations on the other hand haven't come to grasp with the issues of the Confederacy. They have their vanities about being so good on race. This web page is available for further reading. http://www.templeofdemocracy.com/churches-of-the-confederacy.html

The actions of these 170 clergy, black and white, has a seismic impact on the landscape for Confederate monuments. The fact that the Baptist News Global has sent this out will be an inspiration for other churches elsewhere to take a stand and an influence on others not to support Confederate monuments.

We wake up this morning with the politics of this issue revolutionized.

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