Monday, September 04, 2017

The speech I didn't give at the Saturday Rally August 12, 2017 and Dallas's potential accommodation of the Confederacy

I did give this speech, I decided to give another speech which I have in an earlier blog posting.

This is the link to the speech that I gave, or approximated in my speech.

The following is the speech I was thinking of giving. I am posting it because it seems that the tide has turned on Confederate monuments and we are losing. I think Dallas needs to consider what is going to happen long term if other cities have gotten rid of their monuments and Dallas still has theirs.

The text of the proposed speech:

Scarecrows are objects used to scare birds away.

Cities all over this nation are taking down their Confederate monuments.

If Dallas’s Confederate monuments remain they will be scarecrows.

Scarecrows to warn people to stay away.

Scarecrows warning that this is a city without a human rights commission.

Scarecrows warning that this is a city with an intentionally ineffective police review board.

Scarecrows warning that this is a city where the elite have their wedding celebrations in a Robert E. Lee plantation mansion in a Robert E. Lee Park.

Scarecrows warning that this is a White Metropolis.

Scarecrows warning that this is a city without a spirit of social justice but just Accomodations with Federal Civil Rights Court orders.

Hearkening back to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, scarecrows warning that behind a smiling mask this is still the city of hate.

We are better than that, let us have no Confederate scarecrows in this city.

Thank you. 

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