Saturday, September 16, 2017

Status in Dallas, impact on developments elsewhere UPDATE: Video of Lee statue being driven away.

So the Robert E. Lee statue went down in Dallas.

There were some people ranting at the Dallas Task Force on Confederate monuments on 9/15/2017.

The Task Force agenda seems to be trying to do the minimum on removing Confederate names. I think the Lee statue may have been the gesture so that other stuff can be kept. In particular street names and Fair Park.

Frances Cudjoe Waters doesn't seem to understand or know parliamentary procedure and just raised her voice and ran over Rev. Waters yesterday in a shocking display of a dictatorial attitude towards running the meeting. I don't understand the city attorney's opinion in the mater at all.

A lot of people think the Pioneer Park monument is set to go, but I am not so sure.

What is interesting is that the preservation societies, etc. are working to keep Confederate things.

William Murchison was in a rage in his one-minute testimony before the Park Board. Actually talked about racial healing. This is a guy who one time was on the board of the Texas League of the South and also was in Southern Partisan magazine. He thought George Wallace supporter M.E. Bradford to be some type of hero.

I think the hard part in Dallas is coming up. I think the public thinks that other Confederate items will go next and go easily, but I think that there will be some things done, but not much. I don't even know if the Confederate monument at Pioneer Park will go.

This may be quite a surprise. But the board members considering this minimization should think that it will reveal to the public who they are, and who Rawlings is.

Elsewhere the monument removal in Dallas will give hope to others that Confederate monuments can be taken down.

UPDATE: This is the video of the statue being driven away. Towards the end I enlarged the image so you can see it go off to storage.

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