Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The issue is boiling Google gets stupid

I am very busy on a project, but I notice that the issue of Confederate monuments is boiling.

In Tampa people are not taking the retention of Confederate monuments lying down.




I see Google News has really screwed up their website so I can't find some articles I found on it yesterday.  In fact I am not finding articles on it which I found yesterday. It seems Google News has been dumbed down.

It seems that sorting for the last 24 hours, by date, and other useful tools have been removed. I suppose they had a focus group of whiners and they complained it was too complicated. Alternatively the Google News group made changes because they had to justify their existence.

Recently I found that the Google maps function tries to get you to take an alternative route if there is a traffic slow down. I warn you do not take the alternative route. Google navigator has no idea what it is doing when it selects alternative routes. Also, it wants toy to reject an alternative route while you are driving. It is a case where an organization can't leave well enough alone.

The Bing news engine still has functionality

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