Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Orlando, Florida monument moved.

I thought I should take notice of this removal. They are the 2nd city after New Orleans. It seems St. Louis is delayed.

What is happening in Baltimore? Maybe they are working to be the 37th city to remove their Confederate monuments or maybe the 61st city after Bug Tussle Junction.

These are some links to articles.

At the new location it will be contextualized.

I think the chamber of commerce groups are thinking that Confederate monuments are bad for business and mayors where there isn't a lot of local support for Confederate monuments are beginning to act. Better to act now with little opposition, then let it fester as an issue.

Each city that removes a monument further legitimizes this as a move. Also, the Sons of Confederate Veterans idea of calling a boycott soon because worthless as more and more cities remove monuments. And as more cities remove monuments, the residents of the cities where Confederate monuments remain are going to ask what is wrong with their leadership.

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