Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Now, Now Memphians, Kevin Levin wouldn't approve of this

Activists in Memphis state, "If you don't take those statues down then we will."

Oh my goodness, loud voices, what would Kevin Levin think! This blog posting gives a good idea of what he would think.

In this blog posting Levin lectures New Orleans:
"The city of New Orleans is offering the rest of the country a lesson on how not to deal with Confederate iconography in public spaces."
The blog posting link is to an article where there was "name calling, shouts, and acrimony." Oh heavens, bring me my smelling salts!

Levin thinks New Orleans should follow the example of Richmond in the above post. I might point out that New Orleans is Confederate monument free whereas Richmond is infested with them.

Now in Memphis they are being loud and there might be, dare I say it, name calling and shouts. Oh my!

I am kidding, I think shouting really helps get the leadership focused on doing something, otherwise you end up being another Baltimore.

I have completed a 10,000 word essay on Kevin Levin. He really has quite a track record. I have first started sharing it with all the people to whom he has directed personal attacks. That is keeping me somewhat busy.

I recommend this article. It is in the Grio and is by David A. Love.

Another article on the Memphis effort. I have contacted the group on Facebook.

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