Friday, June 09, 2017

"Anti-Confederate monument fever spreads North, East, even West: Opinion" from "New Orleans Times-Picayune"

The above is the link to the article.

It seems that the dam has broken. With New Orleans demonstrating that it can be done, citizens of other cities ask why their city still has Confederate monuments. It is a question that city leaders don't want to answer and would much rather take down the Confederate monuments.

Now a monument in St. Louis is coming down.

In this article they are talking about changing the name of Confederate Drive and changing it to Scott Joplin Drive in honor of the famous ragtime music composer.

As each city gets rid of its Confederate monuments the pressure will intensify on the other cities. Referring to a state law forbidding the removal of a Confederate monument won't do much good either. Cities can send scathing denunciations to state legislatures. There can be marches on the capital. There can be contextualization that is scathing also. I don't think the Republican Party wants to be the party of the Confederacy in the news day after day.

And many Confederate monuments are in cities where the Republican Party hasn't passed laws protecting them.

Once Confederate monuments come down there are other things to be attended to. The U.S. Military needs to stop working with neo-Confederate groups including ROTC. Some of our school textbooks are Lost Causes. Churches need to stop hosting neo-Confederate groups.

As for Baltimore it will be amusing to see if it is the 3rd, 4th, ... 17th city to get rid of its Confederate monuments. As its rank order increase, as the possible cardinal number begins to climb, I think residences of Baltimore will begin to realize the reality of their city.

Some Scott Joplin. Click on images to see the entire video.

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