Friday, May 27, 2016

More things to do to oppose Texas secession

This list and the prior list are just a start. By making a list of things to do we start to get people to start thinking about ways to oppose Texas secession and realize that they can actively oppose secession right now.

The last item is let me know what you think would be a good way to oppose Texas secession.

Hopefully Texas secession doesn't go further and this year was the high tide of craziness for Texas secession. However, if it does become more real, we will want to have done some thinking about what we might do, and have some preliminary organization against Texas secession.

So share this list and the previous list. Join the Texans True to the Union Facebook page and invite your friends.

More Things to Do To Oppose Texas Secession

1.               Oppose celebration of the Confederacy: Celebrating those who were violent secessionists tends to give people the idea that secession is a great thing.  When counties and cities pass resolutions declaring a Confederate history month it shouldn’t be surprising that secession is seen as a legitimate option. Confederate monuments, place names need to go.

2.             Ask others to imagine being boxed in by boundaries: It is more than just having to go through customs to get to Chicago or New Orleans or someplace else. It is about being separated from others in our nation.  People will realize this if they give it some thought.

3.             Ask others to imagined being governed by these people: Listen or read their raging anger and realize what living in a Texas governed by them would be like.

4.             Write an essay against Texas secession: Even if you don’t get it published you can put it on your blog or Facebook page and share it with people you know. It is a good exercise to clarify your thoughts why you are against secession.  

5.              Think of something you can do to oppose Texas secession and let us know about it: Think of an idea and let us know about it so we can add it to the list.

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