Saturday, May 28, 2016

A resolution for your county or city to vote against Texas secession UPDATE:

Forever American Declaration


This is a declaration for your city or county to make in response to proposals of Texas secession.  It serves multiple purposes. One it establishes that your city or county will remain a part of the United States of America in the unlikely event that Texas secedes.

One of the assumptions of Texas secessionists is that if they get Texas to secede because they are unhappy with the politics of other Americans we all necessarily have to go along with it. We can secede too, if necessary, right back to the United States of America.  Texas secessionists should be confronted with the possible breakup of Texas driven by their folly.

Hopefully it never comes to that. More importantly the Forever American Declaration is a means by which Texans, who want to stay in the United States of America, can publicly declare so. The fact that a large number of Texans don’t want to secede and are committed to not to secede thus will be known. 

Perhaps more importantly we need to get elected officials to take a stand on this and identify which elected officials are either sympathetic to Texas secession or not willing to take a stand against it. Some people view the 16 nay to 14 yea, with one abstention, vote against Texas secession by the platform committee at the Texas State Republican Party convention in May 2016 as something positive. It is appalling. It should have been 31 to 0 against. Those voting for it should not be considered patriotic at all, instead enemies of our nation.


We, (legislative body) of (city or state), declare that (city or state) is forever a part of the United States of America and will remain so under all circumstances by what means are necessary to do so. No claim of sovereignty by any group seceding from the United States of America will be recognized nor any authority claimed by secessionists nor any laws passed by secessionists.

UPDATE: This could apply to any place in the United States of America where there is a secession movement. It would work the same way and have the same impact. 

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