Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CRAZINESS TAKES OVER TEXAS REPUBLICAN PARTY UPDATE: By small margin late night vote secession removed from platform.

I have been following the Texas Nationalist movement. It has continued to surprise me.

First they get a resolution for a secession voted on by the Texas State Republican Executive Committee, and though defeated they get one-third of the committee to vote for it and discover that those voting against are scared to go on record as being against it.

Then later, they they get the resolution passed in somewhere between 10 to 22 county GOP conventions.

Now it is reported that a platform plank on secession will be both debated and voted on at the Texas State Republican Party convention in Dallas, TX.  This is getting real.

My previous blog postings give background information on how this Texas secessionist movement has progressed developed.

The very fact that it will be debated and voted on at the Texas Republican Party state convention is a tremendous advance for the cause. They will get volunteers and next time they do a signature drive to get the secession resolution on the Texas Republican Primary ballot (You can do this in Texas.) they will get the signatures. It doesn't matter if the vote is 3 to 1 or 4 to 4. If the measure loses 2 to 1, it will be a tremendous victory for a new secessionist movement.

Don't think that they can't get one-third of the delegates voting for them. They got one-third of the State Republican Executive Committee to vote for the measure. Delegates will worry also how it will impact their careers if they vote against it. Everyone thinks they can vote for it and avoid the Texas nationalists targeting them because someone else will vote against it, or that in the end it is a joke.

Also, this secessionist sentiment has roots in the Republican Party. I have the run of the Texas Republic magazine and it includes many prominent Republican officials and the magazine is sympathetic to the Confederacy and secession. It had neo-Confederates involved.


What is notable that the platform committee waited until late at night to reverse their vote and pull the measure. Even then it was 16 to pull, 14 for the secession item, and 1 abstaining for the 31 member platform committee.

The fact that the vote wasn't 31 to 0 should be cause for concern.

The Texas Nationalist Movement hasn't had at the time of this update a comment on losing. It seems they tend to report victory quickly, and defeat late, if at all.

Going as far as they did with this effort, they have achieved a victory in terms of making the possibility of secession more plausible, getting more people aware of their movement. It would be reasonable for them to expect that with the next state convention they might pick up a couple votes and it would be out for a vote by the convention.

I think that if Donald Trump is elected, they will face a difficult time getting support. If Hillary Clinton is elected, I think the Texas Nationalists will get  a lot of support and will win the vote at the next Republican Party state convention. At some point the Republican Party base will realize that their agenda has no future in the nation. At that time there will likely be secession movements all over the place.

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