Thursday, December 10, 2015

"The Library of Evil and the University of Missouri Press" published by "Black Commentator"

The article is at this link:

When the Univ. of Missouri was in the news recently I wasn't entirely surprised and it was a location which I was very familiar with since I had already purchased a great many books from them as part of my research into the neo-Confederates.

The other press of interest is Transaction Press at Rutgers in New Jersey. 

Hopefully this article will get the public aware of the issue and other presses will think about what they are doing. 

I am not saying that these author's shouldn't be able to get their books published, what I am raising with university presses is why are you deciding that you want to publish this stuff and lend your reputation to this and is publishing this material in keeping with your purported mission.

If Liberty University was publishing this material I wouldn't see it as being contrary to its mission at all. 

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