Friday, December 25, 2015

Denied it was racially motivated

A person working at the Army Corps of Engineers who had had loud confrontations with an African American co-worker decided after the massacre in Charleston to print out a Confederate flag from a computer and secretly place it on the co-worker's desk.

There was investigation and the person putting the flag on the desk lied to a federal officer and as a consequence was convicted of this lying and has been sent to jail. What is interesting about this story is:
Thompson eventually confirmed she had been angry with the person but denied it was racially motivated.
Since we don't have instruments to read people's minds we can't refute this with any concrete evidence.  However, I think you would have to be an idiot to believe this person's claims that there wasn't racial motivation.

This person might sincerely think that they are not racist because the person doesn't wear funny clothes or use racial slurs narrowly defining a racist to only those who are belligerent.

The neo-Confederates are always denying being racist. Even when they are caught out, they have sort a strategy that could be summed up as "I was racist 15 minutes ago, but now I am not."

In this article the Ku Klux Klan in Pennsylvania is claiming that they are not a racist organization.

Richard Quinn, editor for nearly two decades of the Southern Partisan, when he was running Lindsey Graham's campaign claimed that he had changed.

Neo-Confederates will continue to assert they aren't racist and I suppose that will provide an excuse for those who really don't care about the issue of racism to accept these groups as legitimate.

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