Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Texas Nationalist Movement Petition, What happened? /Prospects for Texas Nationalist Movement

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) http://www.thetnm.org/  on their web page was reporting on the progress of their petition to get a secessionist measure on the Texas Republican Primary ballot.

The deadline was Dec. 15, 2015. So how many signatures did the Texas Nationalist Movement get?

This was one news item at their web page on the petition that is still online.

They evidently had a online event about what to do next after the petition campaign.


How many signatures? Did they reach their goals?

My guess is that they fell somewhat short of signatures, and they only had to get 68 thousand some signatures. A discussion of actually how many signatures they got would show how insubstantial their movement is. I am surprised, I thought they could have gotten the signatures. In a state of 27 million plus people, 11 million plus white people I thought they would have gotten enough signatures. https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/chs/popdat/ST2015.shtm

I think they just didn't have enough volunteers to collect signatures and face people who are going to express that you are crazy.

The TNM best opportunities seem to be to pressure the Texas State Republican Party which seems to be beholden to fringe groups and are not willing to stand up to any fringe group. This is especially important given that the TNM doesn't have any real popular support.

So they are continuing to advance their agenda in the Republican Party.One member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) is going to push to put secession into the Republican Party referendum.


The posting writes:

"... he specifically responded to the groundswell of support surrounding a vote on Texas independence.
But evidently not enough of a groundswell to get the required signatures. There is this constant claim of some popular support for Texas secession but there really isn't. That is why the TNM is focused on the Texas Republican Party, their best chance of success is pressuring political groups and not hoping for popular support.

It shows you the state of the Texas Republican Party that the TNM could find any member of the SREC to support secession.

The Democrats locally and nationally are absolutely hoping that secession gets into the Texas Republican Party platform.  It would destroy U.S. Senator Ted Cruz's campaign to be United States President. It would be disastrous to any Republican running for public office, not only in Texas, but nationally. Texas secession would be a national issue.

What was interesting was that the SREC members were afraid to go on record as being against Texas secession and did a voice vote instead of a roll call vote.


You would think standing up for America would be a given for Republicans, but it doesn't seem to be. This tells you more about how crazy the Texas conservative movement has become.

However, the window for any type of Texas secession is closing. By 2020 the demographic changes in Texas, it being more urban, there being more generational change in the electorate, more people having moved to Texas, there being more minority voters might very well make Texas a Democrat state and not a Republican one. The dominating political forces won't have any interest in Texas secession.

The chances for success of the Texas Nationalist Movement within the Republican Party might increase as the Republicans become more alienated and more fringe. A party that is obviously going to be out of power for a long time, can often become a party for fringe elements to vent their rage.

For the time being it seems that the TNM will be something that is reported on when the Texas Republican Party is having to deal with it as an occasional story for laughs.

Also, again this shows how delusional the neo-Confederates claim that there is some global trend towards secession. The TNM petition effort failed.

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