Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Lindsey Graham out of the Presidential race, hopefully will be defeated for re-election

Lindsey Graham has dropped out of the presidential race. His campaign never did particularly well and then became irrelevant.

Lindsey Graham interviewed in the 1st Quarter 1999 Southern Partisan.  He was given a free pass on this by Columbia, South Carolina newspaper The State.

For his 2015-16 presidential campaign he hired the former editor of the Southern Partisan, Richard Quinn.

Now his presidential campaign has become irrelevant and to naught except that it is now on record that he never really regretted pandering to neo-Confederates. It would have been terrible if someone who had interviewed with the Southern Partisan was even one of the presidential candidates of a major party.

Hopefully he isn't re-elected U.S. Senator either. What is delicious irony is that the same forces which he pandered to in the Southern Partisan are the same people who are going to try to end his political career in South Carolina. It is a fate that Graham richly deserves.

There aren't too many Republican office holders who interviewed in the Southern Partisan who are still in office, but I look forward to the day when there are none.

I think  U.S. Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi is the last one.

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