Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thomas Fleming no longer president of the Rockford Institute. Still editor of "Chronicles" but some changes

Thomas Fleming is no longer the president of the Rockford Institute in Rockford, Illinois. He is still the editor of Chronicles Magazine.  He is important in the neo-Confederate movement for coming up with the idea for the Southern League, now known as the League of the South. but is no longer  a member.

He also was a founder of Southern Partisan, but left it after a couple years. Chronicles magazine under his leadership was a forum for neo-Confederates such on John Shelton Reed and others.

With the May 2015 issue of Chronicles magazine I notice that his article is just two pages. In the past it used to go to three pages mostly even though the print was denser.

Maybe it is just a shorter article. Or maybe Chronicles is going to be leaving the Confederate States of America. Though I do see a full page ad for the Abbeville Institute on the inside of the backcover. And there is announced a book "Life, Literature, and Lincoln" of the writings of Tom Landess.

However this could be the residual of Fleming's leadership and in the coming months there a different focus on hating Muslims, gays, minorities, liberals without the distraction of Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy. Perhaps even in reactionary circles the "sell by date" for the Confederacy is past.

As the cliche says, "Time will tell."

Fleming's great project, neo-Confederate secession failed, there is just the laughable remnant of the League of the South. He can spend his forthcoming years raging against the future or to be more precise the Renaissance and what came after.

If society has huge troubles he will fell vindicated, even if his beliefs are irrelevant to these possible future problems, he will rationalize that the problems are because society didn't heed his warnings.

If I ever have a traffic accident, I suppose I could have avoided it by using a horse, or by staying home and not going anywhere.

As some reactionaries pass away or out of influence it is wrong to assume that a movement is passing away. Thomas Fleming and others like him continue a stream of thought going back centuries. There are younger people who will take his place. Though they may not be from the same background. I think the cohort of reactionary professors who still don't accept the civil rights movement are passing away.

In the larger scheme of things there will always be this movement for a hierarchical society will always continue and there will be a never ending struggle as long as humanity lives. Some times will be better, and lets hope the future brings a more equitable society and progress, but there will still be a struggle. There will always be a reservoir of reaction in society.

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